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Private investigation services in Chicago & Orland Park, Illinois

When you're in need of surveillance, investigation or protection in Chicago, IL, put your needs in the hands of professionals. Get in touch with Investigative Services Agency Inc.!

Don't Stay in the Dark When You Suspect Foul Play

If you suspect wrongdoing, contact the premier investigative agency serving Chicago & Orland Park, IL

Faced with a nagging feeling in your gut that your wife has been unfaithful? Worried that an ex is following you? Bring in Investigative Services Agency Inc. and find peace of mind. We are proud to assist good people like you with security services and investigations of all types. We’ll help you to discover the truth in a discreet, private manner that gets things done efficiently and quietly, or handle all background checks and security services needed to keep you feeling safe. Come to Investigative Services Agency for:

• Corporate investigations to detect and identify employee theft, uncover sabotage or simply take fingerprints
• Marital surveillance when a spouse is suspected of wrong doing
• Missing persons cases to help clients like you find and recover loved ones
• Property damage investigations to combat and prevent any future neighborhood damage
• Security services to keep you and your family safe, including video surveillance, event security and background checks

Our professionally licensed and trained investigative agents have years of experience in investigations, security, law enforcement and executive protection, and are always thorough and tactful in every matter we handle. Schedule an appointment with the experts at Investigative Services Agency to get started on your investigation in Chicago, IL.

Find the Hard Evidence You Need in Chicago & Orland Park, Illinois

Let Investigative Services Agency handle your corporate investigations

There’s nothing worse as a small business owner than discovering you’re being cheated out of your money or sold out to the competition. If you have any suspicions about those working around you or for you, reach out to Investigative Services Agency.

Our private investigators in Chicago, IL will discreetly investigate your employees and the situation in general to confirm your suspicions or prove them wrong, without you having to do a thing. You keep focusing on running the day to day operations of your business—we’ll handle background checks, fingerprinting and any other research necessary to detect employee wrongdoing, without interfering with your workplace relationships.

Find peace of mind knowing that you can trust your employees and operate your business successfully. Have Investigative Services Agency find the evidence you need to take back your business and take action!

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